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Breast milk storage bags 9Oz. 20 Pcs/Box

SKU : HT-PI-60268-1
Pre - sterilized and Freezer safe Leak - proof double zipper seal Self - standing bag

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Product description
How to use :

- Used to contain breast milk to keep in reserve in the refrigerator or freezer

- Breast milk storage bags through sterilization So there is no need to wash before use.

- After finishing pumping milk Should wash your hands. Then take the breast milk storage bag and record the name/date/time.

- Tear the opening of the bag along the perforated mark and open the zip lock bag. Pour the milk into the bag.

- Press to close the mouth of the bag immediately. and stored in the refrigerator or freezer by laying the bag flat to save storage space

Recommendation :

- before closing the bag The air should be squeezed out as much as possible. for the freshness of the milk

- Breast milk storage bags should not be opened until use.

Warning :

- Do not import into the microwave oven. Electric Sterilizer or boiled in boiling water

- Do not use for packing hot food.

- Safe, can be used to contain breast milk only once

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