Bottle drying rack with base can dry up to 6 Bottles

Keeps bottles and accessories organized and easy to manage. With integrated drain hole on the tray, lets water drain off. Can hold up to 6 bottles, caps, rings and teats. Easy to use and clean, ergonomic design. Ideal for travel.

Product description

Bottle drying rack with base can dry up to 6 Bottles

Brand: Pappu

Each set comes with a tray, 6 long pegs, and 6 short pegs. Long pegs are used for holding bottles. Short pegs are used for caps and nipples. Any pegs can be assembled in any hole at our convenience.
Insert short and long pegs provided with the drying rack.
Sterilize/ wash the bottles thoroughly and place them on the drying pegs to dry.
Place in a safe area as the water from the drying rack drains under the tray.

For child safety and health: WARNING!
Wash using warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
Dishwasher safe ( Top-Rack only)
Do not use solvents or other harsh chemicals or detergents as it may damage the product

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